Training and Mentorship

There are myriad ways in which the talent, skills and experiences that populate OC are available to you.

  • Focused Master Classes
  • Public/Private Speaking

Each class, session or series created as a Bespoke Curriculum, focused specifically on the needs and interests of your company or division. Sessions on Multigenerational Collaboration, Managing Creativity, Team Empowerment, 360-degree Mentorship…anything under the umbrella of Creation of Experience from Ideation through Production can and will be crafted and available.

Contact us for rates and logistics, and for specific topics / subjects.

Creating Compelling Experience

His iBook,”IMHO: Creating Compelling Experience,” is a free download from iTunes or the Apple iBookstore. Meanwhile, his blog, “IMHO: Sharing What I’ve Learned,” is avidly read and embraced by billions throughout the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies​.

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Looking for comprehensive, specialty AV training? Look no further.

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